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Innovation in motion: new rotational machine begins operation

There is a new addition to our machine park. After a two-week set-up period and successful test run, 13 August saw our new Roto II rotational machine enter operation.


Increasing demand for rotation molded parts, continual production flow possible with Roto II

"The procurement of a second rotational machine was a clear strategic decision for our company, because the demand for rotational molded parts is growing from year to year,” says Werner Wolf, CEO of Henry Technologies. “In addition, the harmonization of cycle times creates greater efficiency in production. The Roto I is currently in operation 6 days a week in a 3-shift system. If an error or interruption occurs with the Roto I, we can immediately switch to the Roto II, thus maintaining the flow of production.“


Facts and advantages - Roto II rotational machine of Henry Technologies:

The 4.5-metre carousel machine is the largest of its type in Germany and will be capable of producing large parts with a thickness of 5 to 20 mm. Find out more about the manufacturing process and the rotational molding of the plastic parts at Henry Technologies at: Manufacturing process


How rotational machines work


Work cycle

Up to six stations offer a flexible and individual configuration, depending on requirements:

  • Loading and unloading station
  • Heating and molding of the part
  • Pre-cooling and cooling
  • Passive stations


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