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Manufacture and processing of plastic components in Thuringia, Germany

With extensive experience in plastic processing, we use the rotational smelting and injection molding procedure together with robot part processing to manufacture complex plastic parts of any shape and size, according to your individual specifications. Take advantage of our many years of experience and leave the production of your plastic parts to us.
For over 40 years now high-quality mudguards have been produced under the DUNLOFLEX brand for tractors and other agricultural vehicles, as well as for the commercial vehicle sector. Henry Technologies GmbH is a leader provider of plastic mudguards for the European market.

With a highly qualified team and a large and diverse machine park, we are also able to produce third-party products under contract.

We invest continuously in the qualification of our employees and the further development of our products and infrastructure. We have extensive experience in the management of projects (planning, development, procurement, production). Sufficient and forward-looking warehousing enables us to offer our customers near-time delivery.

Contract manufacturing -Rotational molding Injection molding Parts processing

by Henry Technologies GmbH

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Injection molding
Injection molded parts of up to 40 kg

The manufacture of plastic parts using injection molding is a key part of our core competence. Our injection molding services include extensive small series and large series production as contract manufacturing. We realize your assignments with the highest standards of quality and technical perfection. We are a reliable partner to numerous acclaimed companies in the fields of agricultural equipment, commercial vehicles and automotive technology. However, injection molded plastic products are used in far more areas, including household, toys, leisure products, construction, furniture and so on.

Characteristics / advantages:

  • 11 injection molding machines (75t to 3,200 t clamping force)

  • Each machine is equipped with a removal robot

  • Shot/part weights of 20 g to 40 kg

  • Characteristic: injection molded parts with thick walls and large surface areas

  • We process all technical thermoplastics

  • Manufacture of technical plastic parts for interior / exterior use

  • Components for small series, medium-sized series and after-series supply

  • High reproduction accuracy in the manufacturing process

  • No or little post-processing of the molded part required

  • Direct route from raw material to finished part

  • Procedure can be fully automated

  • Depending on the part, very high volumes can be manufactured per hour

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Rotational molding
of plastic parts with large surface areas

Rotational molding is a process technology used in particular for the manufacture of large-volume plastic parts. For us, rotating is also a technically and economically complementary technology to injection molding and rounds off our plastics manufacturing offer for our customers.

Rotational molding is ideal for smaller quantities of units or where the finished part is too large for injection molding. Typical areas of use are large-volume and thick-walled components in small series. Rotational molding tools are also typically significantly cheaper than injection molding tools.

Characteristics / advantages:

  • max. volumes of 46 m³

  • Wall thicknesses of approx. 2 mm to 10 mm

  • The hollow parts and containers can be rotated in one piece without other connections

  • Completed molded parts are almost stress and tension-free and resistant to impacts and pressure

  • Production of single-walled, double-walled and multiple-layers molded parts as controllable parameter

  • Manufacture of large volume parts

  • Manufacture of large volume quantities

  • Material types: PE is standard material, other materials on request

  • Standard colors: all RAL individually applicable

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Individual parts processing
of plastic parts via our robot technology

Parts processing via our robot milling technology is an individual service component for our customers - offering a custom plastic par, including for small series and niche products.

Characteristics / advantages:

  • Immediate assembly of the plastic part

  • 2 robot milling cells (1 six-axle and 1 seven-axle robot)

  • Using robot milling technology, from standard injection molding/rotational part to application-specific individual product

  • Milling of bore patterns (round hole, elongated hole) as preparation for efficient parts assembly for the customer

  • Cutting to size of standard products (e.g., mudguards) according to individual specifications, also for small series/niche vehicles and similar

  • High repeat accuracy

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Own products - Dunloflex

Mudguards and enlargements
for agricultural vehicles and commercial

Our mudguards (wheel coverings) are primarily fitted to agricultural and commercial vehicles

We offer tire-specific standard mudguards as well as vehicle-specific custom products. Mudguards suppress the whirling up and tossing of water, mud and stones when the vehicle is on the move. This serves to contribute to road safety and protect the vehicle itself against soiling and stone impact. In the European region in particular, mudguards have established themselves as a practical and useful vehicle component for agricultural and commercial vehicles over the course of decades. In some countries mudguards are even required by law where the vehicles concerned are driven on public roads at speeds of > 25 km/h.

Depending on requirements, we offer our mudguards using various manufacturing processes and material variants.

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