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Our mudguards (wheel coverings) are primarily fitted to agricultural and commercial vehicles.

We offer tire-specific standard mudguards as well as vehicle-specific custom products. Mudguards suppress the whirling up and tossing of rainwater/dirty water and stones when the vehicle is on the move. This serves to contribute to road safety and protect the vehicle itself against soiling and stone impact. In the European region in particular, mudguards have established themselves as a practical and useful vehicle component for agricultural and commercial vehicles over the course of time. In some countries mudguards are even required by law where the vehicles concerned are driven on public roads at speeds of > 25 km/h.

Depending on requirements, we offer our mudguards using various manufacturing processes and material variants.

Trust our experience:

We support vehicle manufacturers with our product expertise, from planning to series production. We offer a very broad and evolved range of mudguard types for the replacement parts market.

Features / characteristics:

  • 45 injection molded mudguards
  • 38 rotational molded mudguards
  • Tractor front mudguards (up to 72 cm width)
  • Tractor mudguard extension for rear axle (radian measure up to 319 cm)
  • Unique range of “super large” mudguards, e.g., for crop sprayers (radius up to 125 cm; width up to 75cm)


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