Plastic parts from Thuringia - Quality from Germany

Individual processing of parts

via our robot technology

Parts processing via our robot milling technology is an individual service component for our customers - offering a custom plastic part, including for small series and niche products. Processing via milling using our two 6-arm industrial robots in single station or double station can be combined with further processing stages such as drilling and milling of contours as finish. Using a specific milling head and a rotational movement of the cutting tool, the plastic product is processed individually according to your requirements.

Features / characteristics
of the individual processing of parts:

  • High reproduction accuracy in the manufacturing process
  • Little post-processing of the molded part required
  • Immediate assembly of the plastic part
  • Procedure can be fully automated
  • 2 robot milling cells (1 six-axle and 1 seven-axle robot)
  • Using robot milling technology, from standard injection molding/rotational part to application-specific individual product
  • Milling of bore patterns (round hole, elongated hole) as preparation for efficient parts assembly for the customer
  • Cutting to size of standard products (e.g., mudguards) according to individual specifications, also for small series/niche vehicles and similar


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