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Henry Technologies GmbH is a subsidiary of the US firm Hendricks Holding Company, Inc. - and belongs to the Hendricks corporate group in Beloit (Wisconsin, USA). It is a medium-sized company based in Merkers (Thuringia). We are a manufacturer of high-quality and sophisticated plastic parts produced via rotational molding and injection molding for agricultural and commercial vehicles as well as the automotive sector. From plastic wheel covers to simple and highly complex tanks and on to cladding for diverse applications.

On a production site of approx. 10,500 m² 49 employees currently work continuously to supply our customers with first-class products and services. We are supported in this by a comprehensive quality management system. With a machine park comprising two rotational machines, eleven injection molding machines and two robot cells we work in a 3-shift system to produce a diverse portfolio of plastic parts. Our experienced employees ensure smooth production processes and maximum production quality.

Our specialist field is the manufacture of complex technical plastic hollow parts, which are formed seamlessly. Our years of experience in rotational molding, injection molding and parts processing mean that we now have an extensive body of knowledge in these areas

We also offer our thermoplastic injection molding and rotational molding capacity for contract manufacturing. As a consequence, we not only produce series products, but also to customer-specific requirements.

A further area of expertise is the development, production and international marketing of plastic wheel covers under our own brand: 

Our products have been successfully supplied to well-known manufacturers of agricultural and commercial vehicles since the 1970s, with an accompanying trade in replacement parts. We invest continuously in the qualification of our employees and the further development of our products and infrastructure. We have extensive experience in the management of projects (planning, development, procurement, production). Sufficient and forward-looking warehousing enables us to offer our customers near-time delivery.


Appreciation as key factor.

We have our employees to thank for the fact that we are able to consistently impress with first-class products and services. Have we triggered your interest? Then contact us.
Your Bastian Michel
CEO of Henry Technologies GmbH


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