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Marcus Stoll, on one of the largest rotational machines in Germany (Roto II)

Marcus Stoll, on one of the largest rotational machines in Germany (Roto II)

The machine park in the Rotation department at Henry Technologies has a new addition.

On 13 August the Roto II entered service, one of the largest rotational machines in Germany. An opportunity for us to introduce our Rotation department. Marcus Stoll has worked at this department of Henry Technologies since 2015, in a detailed interview he gives insights into his daily work with the Roto I and Roto II.


Our goal is the perfect mudguard


What exactly is your job at Henry Technologies?

Marcus Stoll: „I’m a machine operator. I fit the rotational machine with tools and weigh out the granulate. After this, I set the key parameters for the machine, including temperature and cooling time. My final tasks include the deburring of the finished mudguards, as the rotation process often results in the creation of a burr, an unwanted edge. I then check the finished product again for its surface finish. If everything is okay, the product can leave.”


The Roto II entered service in August. What can this machine do, exactly?

Marcus Stoll: „The new rotation machine, the Roto II, is currently the largest of its kind in Germany, with a 4.70-meter diagonal. Essentially, this machine can do everything that the smaller Roto I can, but to a significantly greater extent. It has nearly twice the lifting capacity. For example, it would be possible to produce large tanks with up to 7 cubic-meter capacity with this machine. For mudguard production, this means that we can produce a considerably higher volume of units in one process, with four large tools per arm (the machine has three arms). One thing we have already noticed is that the cooling of the Roto II has been considerably optimized, it*s significantly quieter than with the Roto I."


What are the particular challenges in your daily work?

Marcus Stoll: „I must admit, I’m a bit of a perfectionist. I always want all of the processes to flow smoothly and that at the end we have the perfect end product, the perfect mudguard. Deburring the mudguards is the key to that, I don’t want any customer complaints. This is why I try to improve a little every day, to optimize processes so that I don’t get stressed and make mistakes. Obviously, that isn’t always possible, for example when someone from the department is on leave or sick. Or we have a new employee, who isn’t yet as familiar with the work processes as someone with a lot of experience.”


Can you tell us about your professional career?

Marcus Stoll: „I actually trained as a structural engineering worker. After that I spent time working as a temp at various companies. And almost exactly three years ago, in September 2015, I joined Henry Technologies.“


What is it that you like in particular about your work at Henry Technologies?

Marcus Stoll: „I like the solidarity within the company at Henry Technologies. There is a certain family atmosphere. We all get on well with each other, we’re all on first-name terms. That makes working here very pleasant.“


About the manufacturing process

Find out more about the manufacturing process and the rotational molding of the plastic parts at Henry Technologies GmbH at: Manufacturing process:


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